CIIORG is a collaborative research body in its nature. Therefore, we welcome all calls for collaboration with open arms. We believe in team work to get ahead. We are currently doing collaborative research with Dr. Emrah Demir of Cardiff Business School, UK, Prof. Abdelkader Benyettou of Centre Universitaire de Relizane, Algeria.

We are also starting a collaboration with Prof. Jingpeng Li of Stirling University, UK. This is a joint research focusing on finding an optimized settings for plastic molding industry to produce plastic parts with minimized processing waste.

We have agreed on a joint research collaboration with Bushehr Medical Science University, Bushehr BioMedic Research Center, and Dr. Maryam Marzban of Radana Research Institute. This collaboration is defined with the aim to use intelligent computation and artificial intelligence on medical data.

We have started a teamwork Ph.D. thesis of Masoumeh Vali with Prof. Thierry Chaussalet of Westminster University of UK and Prof. Amir Hossein Gandomi of University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. This research aims to find a way for hospitals to operate in an optimized way considering both operational and environmental objectives.

We are negotiating on a new collaboration with Dr. Roberto Aringhieri of University of Turin of Italy. This collaboration is focused on the applications of OR in the healthcare logistics.

We have started a brand new project to improve the performance of Salp Swarm Algorithm. This project is a collaborative work of a team including Khodakaram Salimifard, Davood Mohammadi, Prof. Amir Hossein Gandomi of University of Technology, Sydney, Australia,  Dr. Mohamed Elsayed Abd el Aziz of Zagazig University, Egypt, and Dr. Laith Mohammad Abualigah of Amman Arab University of Jordan.

The following research subjects could be followed to start a new line of collaborative research:
• Developing new meta-heuristic algorithms,
• Data science and optimization,
• Computational intelligence,
• Operations Research in Healthcare,
• Vehicle routing problems,
• System complexity and modeling,
• Agent-based and Discrete Event Simulation,
• Response Management in Crises and Chaotic Environment.

We also accept all proposals for post-doc in the aforementioned research areas.

Computational Intelligence & Intelligent Optimization Research Group (CIIORG)

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