Dr. Khodakaram Salimifard

Associate Professor of Operations Research

Khodakaram received his Ph.D. from Lancaster University, the UK. In his Ph.D., Khodakaram applied Colored Petri Nets (CPN) in the performance evaluation of workflow systems. More details on  Google Scholar, ORCID, DBLP, LinkedIn, ResearchGate, and Instagram.

He is the Leader of the CIIORG and his main research interests include:

  • Bio-inspired algorithms
  • Machine Learning for Optimization
  • Vehicle Routing Problems (VRP)
  • OR in Healthcare
  • OR in Transportation and Logistics
  • Discrete Event Simulation 
Reza Moghdani

Dr. Reza Moghdani

Reza was awarded a Ph.D. with honors (Excellent Thesis) in Operations Research. His Ph.D. thesis is titled "Optimizing Green Vehicle Routing Problem with a Metaheuristic Algorithm". 

Reza is an Operational Research expert with mainly focused on designing  optimization algorithm, and green freight and transportation problems. He has published almost 20 papers in leading academic journals (including Journal of Cleaner Production, Applied Soft Computing, Knowledge-Based Systems, Applied Intelligence, Engineering with Computers, RAIRO-Operations Research, etc.). More information on all publications can also be found on  Google Scholar 


Dr. Masoumeh Vali

Masoumeh received her Ph.D. in Operations Research in 2022 from Persian Gulf University. Her Ph.D. research was supervised by Dr. Khodakaram Salimifard. Prof. Thierry Chaussalet (Westminster University, UK) and Prof. Amir Hossein Gandomi (University of Technology Sydney, Australia) were her co-advisors. Her thesis focused on using a simulation-optimization integration in healthcare to optimize patient flow while carbon footprint is minimized.  She is interested in using Machine Learning methods combined with optimization algorithms in the diagnostic stage of the medical treatment process. See her Google Scholar.

Mohammad Qaleh Shakhani

Dr. Mohammad Qaleh Shakany

Mohammad has been awarded a Ph.D. with honors (Excellent Thesis) in Operations Research. His Ph.D. thesis is titled "A Dynamics Approach Based on Chaos Theory for Crises Forecasting in Epidemics Outbreak". Mohammed is interested in research on system dynamics and chaotic systems, predicting the behavior of non-linear systems, system theory, and complexity theory.  More details on ResearchGate.


Faezeh Homayunzadeh Baee

Faezeh is a Ph.D. student in Operations Research at the Persian Gulf University. Her research interests include behavior patterns of vitamin D deficiency in the population. She is currently working on developing a machine learning model to predict sufficiency, deficiency, and insufficiency among people in the Bushehr province of Iran. More details on ResearchGate.


Davood Mohammadi

Davood is an MSc graduate in Industrial Engineering majoring in Operations Research. Davood's research interests lie in the areas of logistics and operational research. He is working on the application of mathematical optimization to real-world problems. He has mastery over quantitative and analytical methods, such as exact and approximation methods. 

ِDavood is now doing his second MSc in Oprations Research in University of Hull, UK. More details on Google Scholar.


Sara Saadatmand

Sara is a Ph.D. student in Operations Research. She received her M.Sc. in Operations Research from PGU. Sara did her research on Multi-Objective Scheduling Optimization in Clinics with no-show and walk-in patients. She applied NSGA-II algorithm to solve the problem. Sara is interested in research on the use of Machine Learning and reinforcement models in predicting COVID-19 side-effects in the population of certain characteristics. See her Google Scholar


Sara Bigharaz

Sara received her MSc in operations research from Persian Gulf University. She did her MSc thesis on using Multi-Commodity Routing Modeling in Fair Distribution of Pupils in Schools. Sara won a full 1-year research fund from University of Torino, Italy. She joined Dr. Roberto Aringhieri.  On December 2020, Sara joined the Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management, NTNU university in Norway to do a PhD in operations research. More details on NTNU.

Samira Dehdar

Samira is a Ph.D. student in Operations Research. She is interested in the application of Optimization algorithms in fighting against breast cancer. Her research also includes the applications of Machine Learning methods in predicting Breast Cancer stages and metastases.

Dr. Ahmad Ghorbanpour

Ahmad is an Assistant Professor and received his Ph.D. in Operations Research from Ferdowsi University, Iran. His research interests include project scheduling and resource management. Ahmad is also interested in using the Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization in solving real-world optimization problems.

Senobar Kheradmand Igder

Senobar is a Ph.D. student in Operations Research who joined CIIORG in October 2020. With her background in Computer Science and Industrial Management, Senobar focuses on developing bio-inspired algorithms and simulation models to help patients with bone fractures and diseases.  

 Dr. Samaneh Raeesi Nafchi

Dr. Samaneh Raeesi Nafchi

Samaneh is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Lamerd University. Her main research interests include Market Analytics, Business Analytics, and Policy Analysis.

  Faezeh Mardanian Shahri

Faezeh is a Ph.D. student in Operations Research and joined CIIORG in September 2021. She is interested in developing mathematical models to optimize supply chain and production planning. Faezeh is also interested in developing simulation models coupled with metaheuristic algorithms in solving real-world problems.


Reza Osanloo

Reza was graduated from PGU with an M.Sc. in Operations Research. He is an expert in project control in Pars Oil & Gas Company. His research interests include system dynamics and discrete event simulation in energy companies to make the system more efficient and resilient to the working conditions. 


Dr. Hadi Balouei Jamkhaneh

Hadi is an Assistant Professor and received his Ph.D. in Production and Operation Management from Mazandaran University, Iran. His research interests include Quality Management, Service Design and Management, and Supply Chain Management. More details on Google Scholar.


Dr. Maryam Marzban

Maryam is an Assistant Professor of epidemiology in Bushehr University of Medical Science (BUMS). Maryam obtained her Ph.D. from Shiraz University of medical science with over 10 years of work experience as a medical researcher and executive manager in several research centers. Her research is mainly focused on cancer and HIV/AIDS. More details on Google Scholar.

Computational Intelligence & Intelligent Optimization Research Group (CIIORG)

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