Dr. Khodakaram Salimifard

PhD in Operations Research, Lancaster University, UK

Khodakaram received his PhD from Lancaster university, UK in 2002. His PhD research was using Colored Petri Nets (CPN) in performance evaluation of workflow systems. He is, now, an associate professor in operations research. His main research interests include:

  • Bio-inspired algorithms
  • Vehicle Routing Problems (VRP)
  • Scheduling
  • OR in Healthcare
  • OR in Transportation and Logistics
 Reza Moghdani

Reza Moghdani

Reza is a PhD candidate in operations research here at the Persian Gulf University. His PhD research is supervised by Dr. Khodakaram Salimifard and jointly advised by Dr. Emrah Demir and Prof. Abdelkader Benyettou. His topic includes developing a new population-based meta-heuristic algorithm. He successfully published an article titled "Volleyball Premier League Algorithm" in Applied Soft Computing. Currently he is working on the multi-objective version of the VPL.

Masoumeh Vali

Masoumeh Vali


Masoumeh is a PhD candidate in operations research here at the Persian Gulf University. Her PhD research is supervised by Dr. Khodakaram Salimifard and advised by Prof. Thierry Chaussalet (Westminister University, UK) and Prof. Amir Hossein Gandomi (University of Technology Sydney, Australia). Her topic includes using a simulation-optimization integration in healthcare to optimize patient flow while carbon footprint is minimized.


Mohammad Qaleh Shakhani

Mohammad Qaleh Shakhany


Mohammad is a PhD candidate in operations research. His PhD thesis is titled "A Dynamics Approach Based on Chaos Theory for Crises Forecasting in Epidemics Outbreak". Mohammed is interested in research on system dynamics and chaotic systems, predicting the behavior of Non-linear systems, system theory, and complexity theory. 


Faezeh Homayunzadeh Baee


Faezeh is a PhD student in operations research at the Persian Gulf University. Her research interest includes behavior patterns of non-infectious diseases in the population. She is currently working on developing a Markov Chain model to analyse the state-transition of leukemia among Iranian children.


Davood Mohammadi


Davood is an MSc graduate in Industrial Engineering and a system analyst in Bushehr Polymer company. He is mainly focused on the engineering applications of optimization algorithms. He is currently working on developing a mathematical model of Pollution Routing Problem. Davood is a part of a research team which includes Dr. Salimifard, Dr. Laith Mohammad Abualigah, and Dr. Mohammad Elsayed Abdulaziz to improve the performance of Salp Swarm Algorithm. 


Sara Saadatmand

 Sara received her MSc in operations research. She did her research on Multi-Objective Scheduling Optimization in Clinics with no show and walk-in patients. She applied NSGA-II algorithm to solve the problem. Sara is interested in research on scheduling and routing in healthcare. She is also doing research on behavior pattern of people with unhealthy behavior.

Sara Bigharaz


Sara received her MSc in operations research from Persian Gulf University. She did her MSc thesis on using Multi-Commodity Routing Modeling in Fair Distribution of Pupils in Schools. She is now focusing on the development of meta-heuristic algorithms for urban vehicle routing problems considering environmental concerns.





Samira Dehdar

Samira is a fresh-woman PhD student who is recently joined the CIIORG. She is searching around to find her research interests, mainly in the context of healthcare.

Reza Osanloo

Reza has been graduated from PGU with an MSc in Operations Research. He is an expert in project controls in Pars Gas company. His research interests include system dynamics and discrete event simulation in energy companies to make the system more efficient and resilience to the working conditions.



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