The complexity and depth of the problems organizations are facing today, the remarkable advances in computing and new technologies, and access to large data, have created situations that organizations, policymakers and decision-makers are facing great challenges. On one hand, the complexity of the problems, and in particular their dramatic financial, social, and environmental consequences, make it difficult to achieve efficient solutions. On the other hand, the spectacular competition in all aspects and the need for a decent solution have tremendous acceleration.

Based on the belief in scientific and research progress in the context of deep and extensive cooperation between the university and organizations, industries, and society, the CIIORG of the Persian Gulf University, here at Bushehr, was established on July the 19th, 2017. Since then and based on the scientific background of its members, the CIIORG has produced valuable scientific achievements. We offer solutions and organizational applications based on computational intelligence, intelligent optimization, simulation, and scientific-practical advanced and intelligent algorithms that relate to metaphors and techniques of computational and artificial intelligence.

The focus of research is to build, expand, and innovate in new computing techniques, bio-based computing, evolution, operating-based technology, systems dynamics, and hyper-algorithms. In this research group, novel methods on the boundaries of knowledge will be developed to solve the micro, macro, and strategic issues of organizations and industries, in particular in the areas of energy, healthcare, transportation, petrochemicals, organizations, and public sector (government and municipalities).

Currently, this research group is dealing with the following projects:

  • Developing a population-based intelligent algorithm to solve global optimization problems,
  • Developing a multi-objective multi-population algorithm,
  • Optimization approach to minimize carbon footprint in hospital,
  • Optimization of industrial works scheduling at the plastic product manufacturing plant.
  • Vitamin D ِdeficiency in population: A deep learning approach.

Computational Intelligence & Intelligent Optimization Research Group (CIIORG)

Persian Gulf University, Bushehr 75169, Iran
(+98) 77 3122 2118